Personalised flexible service designed to meet your needs

Our aim is to enhance the work of your organisation and find the most suitable and innovative solution that aligns with your available resources and organisational ethos.

We offer a personalised service and pride ourselves on working flexibly and collaboratively. We take time to get to know you and understand your experiences and the challenges you or your organisation face. We recognise the importance of effective and transparent communication in achieving the right outcome and incorporate processes to measure effectiveness and impact.

Innovative action orientated training solutions 

Throughout we aspire to preserve and build on existing good practice whilst enabling innovation and quality improvements to occur in the most advantageous way possible; benefiting you, your staff and your organisation. We are committed to ensuring that our training is action orientated and that learning becomes embedded within practice. All our training be it online or face to face, is designed to be inclusive and meet the needs of a diverse working community.

Distinct and enjoyable, managed by us

At Veda we offer flexibility in terms dates, times, method and place of delivery to fit your schedule and circumstances. Our comprehensive service is designed to save you time and reduce the burden as we manage from start to finish the tasks associated with planning, organising and delivering training within your workplace. We offer value for money, with free initial consultation and transparency in relation to all costs. To ensure you get a return on your investment we incorporate follow-up meetings and audit improvement and outcome measures.

We pride ourselves on developing and delivering distinct and enjoyable online, face to face and blended training experiences that enhances personal growth, raises aspirations and creates the right conditions for working together productively.

Our Director

Cheryl Whiting - Veda Education & Training Consultancy - Cheltenham

Dr Cheryl Whiting EdD is the founding director of Veda Education and Training. An expert in adult education and training with extensive experience of designing and delivering training across a range of sectors. Cheryl is accredited and quality assured by the Society of Education Consultants, and also sits on their Board of Directors. Her understanding of educational theory and practice underpins the work that goes on at Veda.

I’m really passionate about achieving excellent results and establishing the right conditions for effective learning and development to occur. Utilising the right interventions and training methods to achieve the desired outcomes plays a big part in this. I strongly believe that good education and training is vital to enhancing performance and achieving long term success. I am committed to ensuring Veda Education and Training is a shining example of this.”

Cheryl is also an Event Partner with the Business Growth Network, organising networking events, and seminars for businesses across the county of Gloucestershire.

Veda Education and Training Associates

Veda Education and Training works with several highly qualified and accredited associates; each possessing a strong track record of achievement. This ensures access to the right expertise and appropriate insight. Each of our associates adopts a supportive approach and are personally committed to ensuring you receive a professional service.

Veda Education and Training Consultancy Ltd advocates corporate social responsibility and operates according to the code of conduct promoted by the Society of Education Consultants, with assurances of confidentiality.


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