Working with us

Delivering value is essential, here are the core benefits of working with Veda:

  • We’ll identify the most suitable & innovative solution for your development needs.
  • We get personal – our flexible collaborative approach helps unearth the real issues.
  • Transparent communications, we listen & respond.
  • We enable you to measure & evaluate the on-going impact of the programme.
  • We build on your established ‘good practice’ & dovetail with existing processes.
  • Our innovative, action orientated training embeds behavioural change.
  • We’re inclusive, diverse & empathetic.
  • Flexibility in everything, times / dates / methods / schedules / circumstances.
  • Free initial consultation & transparent ongoing costs ensures value.
  • Follow-up meetings, audits & outcome measurement to quantify ROI.
  • As much help as you need; consult, plan, deliver, & measure – or any individual element.
  • We reduce the burden of development & give you time back for other priorities.
  • Engaging, fun, & life-changing – with employees looking forward to more training.
  • Face to face, online & blended training experiences.
  • Personal growth, joint aspirations – a productive ‘working together’ ethos.

Our Director

Cheryl Whiting - Veda Education & Training Consultancy - Cheltenham

Founding director of Veda Education and Training; Dr Cheryl Whiting EdD is accredited and quality assured by the Society of Education Consultants - Cheryl also sits on their Board of Directors, working to promote and advance  professional standards of education consultancy. Her research, ethos and understanding of educational philosophy, theory and practice underpins all the work at Veda. Cheryl is an expert in adult education and training with extensive experience in designing and delivering training across enterprise and the public sector. She is an event partner of the Business Growth Network and regularly hosts networking events across the Midlands and South West.

“I have a passion for achieving excellent results and establishing the right conditions for effective learning and development. The right interventions and training methods are essential in achieving the desired outcomes. Stimulating and innovative training and education is vital to performance improvement and long-term success. I am committed to ensuring Veda is a shining example of this.”

Veda Education and Training Associates

We work with a select group of highly qualified and accredited associates; each with a proven track record of achievement. This ensures our clients have access to the highest levels of training expertise to address their specific development requirements. The Veda ethos is embedded into everything we do.

Veda advocates corporate social responsibility, confidentiality, and operates according to the code of conduct promoted by the Society of Education Consultants.

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