Bespoke external facilitation service

Our impartiality and skills in managing group dynamics creates an energetic environment that promotes open communication, inspired and imaginative ideas.  Whether you looking to problem solve, embrace change, improve performance or plan, Veda can help you make timely progress and achieve the outcomes you want.

Veda’s customised approach ensures events and interventions are designed to meet your business needs.  Selecting the best methods and techniques to address the challenges you face we secure the outcomes you wish to achieve. Our proficiency to facilitate creates stimulating discussion, builds trust and fosters team commitment. We create the right environment to generate sustainable agreed outcomes that lead to inspired and timely action.

Is this service suitable for me?

Our service is suitable for those who wish to:

  • Plan and gain team commitment to a course of action
  • Help teams reach consensus or resolve conflict
  • Examine a complex issue from a range of perspectives
  • Support teams to find a solution to a problem
  • Explore tensions and issues that are preventing progress
  • Communicate ideas, consult with staff or gain feedback
  • Prepare people for change
  • Boost creativity and innovation
  • Explore alternative or new approaches to practice, as well as share best practice
  • Appraise team performance and give recognition of effort

Naturally, our customised approach means we can accommodate alternative requirements to ensure the facilitated event focuses on the exact problem you need to solve.

Whatever your focus, Veda will guide your team towards action and success. Our training events are always challenging yet enjoyable. Our stimulating activities engage interest and increase input, maximising productivity and progressing your objectives. 

How does it work?

There is no standard approach. We facilitate a process of support that is unique to you, helping to achieve results quickly and effectively. We take time to understand the context of your business and build a structured facilitation framework that’s right for your situation.  

To ease your burden, we manage your event from start to finish. As well as setting the agenda, we develop materials and capture shared ideas and record agreed actions.  In addition, we ensure the event runs smoothly and objectives are achieved within the timeframe.

What people say about facilitation by Veda

“I was delighted how well the session went. I massively appreciated the fact the facilitator was able to deal with the challenging circumstances and remain calm.  I thought the group responded positively – participants were engaged, and ideas were being generated and shared. Thanks for your support I will be recommending you where I can.”

How can I arrange this?

The process starts with a free consultation to determine your training needs. From this we establish the content of your course and propose suitable activities. Once agreed and a date has been set for delivery, course development can progress.

We are flexible in relation to dates, times and place of delivery to fit your schedule and circumstances. There is full transparency of costs, at the time of booking. To ensure you get a return on your investment we incorporate follow-up meetings, audit improvement and measure outcomes.

What areas does Veda cover?

We operate throughout the UK and Europe, and our digital training capabilities have no geographical limitation. Face to face training is primarily focused in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Bristol and Avon and South Wales. Key locations include: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Hereford, Worcester, Bristol, Birmingham, Swindon, Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore how Veda can bring your team together and progress organisational objectives.

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