Bespoke train the trainer training

Our training is customised to meet your current and future business needs. Our training is never ‘off the shelf’ designed and built totally to meet your needs.  It is practical, relevant and completely aligned with your circumstances.

Veda training offers a convenient and cost-effective way develop the right knowledge and skills at a time that’s right for you. Our training can be designed to upskill staff or fill an identified skills gap. Whatever your training needs Veda can support your staff create a positive learning environment and develop the composite skills necessary to be a successful trainer in any setting.

However, training is delivered in your organisation, be it face to face or online our focus is on promoting the adoption of best practice. Veda ensures your trainers develop essential skills and possess the right tools and techniques to successfully plan and facilitate training within your organisation. Training your trainers improves engagement and outcomes; ensuring your workforce are effectively updated and compliant with expected standards of practice.


Is this training for me?

This training is for anyone who wishes to maximise training outcomes, where staff:

  • Communicate information in a classroom or within the workplace setting
  • Supervise or mentor others, (e.g. colleagues, interns, apprentices or students)
  • Assesses the performance and competence of others
  • Induct new members of staff
  • Undertake roles and responsibilities associated with training, learning and development
  • Are transitioning into a new training role
  • Provide one to one training, learning and development support
  • Conduct staff appraisals and annual performance reviews

How does it work?

There is no standard approach, training can encompass any combination of the following themes that are most relevant for your business.

  • Planning and facilitating learning in the workplace or online
  • Designing engaging training materials that have impact
  • Adapting existing face to face training for online delivery
  • Effective interactive groupwork facilitation
  • Giving and receiving feedback on performance
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Developing professionalism
  • Safeguarding quality: the development and assessment of competence
  • Being inclusive: respecting and accommodating differences
  • Positive staff induction
  • Being an effective mentor
  • Enhancing public speaking and presentation skills
  • Creating a supportive learning environment
  • Building a learning community: fostering good practice and a sense of belonging
  • Managing personal development through the appraisal system.

We offer online, face to face or blended approaches to training with options for a half or a full day of training, or a series of training events, based on choices made. This training is suitable for groups of more than 5. Alternatively, we offer the opportunity of mentorship for individuals or smaller groups.

Our one to one or small group mentoring programme offers personalised support. The programme consists of a regular series of sessions that incorporate activities, peer observations, feedback and reflective discussions.  Individuals are supported to make effective use of appropriate methods and strategies in order to train others effectively and create a supportive learning environment. Emphasis is placed on the development of individuals the context of current or anticipated roles and responsibilities, ensuring that personal learning aligns with your organisational needs

What people say about Veda train the trainer programme

“I found this training course really useful and fun, thanks. Lots of relevant content, some good examples and useful handouts. The activities made me think more about all the responsibilities you have as a trainer. I had never considered how people learn before, and the different ways of teaching. There was certainly a lot to reflect on. There was a good vibe and lots of interaction in the group which is just how I’d like my training to be.”

How can I arrange this?

The process starts with a free consultation to determine your training needs. From this we establish the best training option, the content of your course and propose suitable activities. Once agreed and a date has been set for delivery, course development can progress.

We are flexible in relation to dates, times and place of delivery to fit your schedule and circumstances. There is full transparency of costs, at the time of booking. To ensure you get a return on your investment we incorporate follow-up meetings, audit improvement and measure outcomes.

What areas does Veda cover?

We operate throughout the UK and Europe, and our digital training capabilities have no geographical limitation. Face to face training is primarily focused in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Bristol and Avon and South Wales. Key locations include: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Hereford, Worcester, Bristol, Birmingham, Swindon, Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea.

Contact us to discuss how Veda can enhance your team’s capacity to deliver quality training that achieves the outcomes you want.

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