Bespoke workshop training

Our one to one support provides a fast-track tailored learning approach; saving you time and money. Accelerate your progress, and gain expert advice that is practical, specific and relevant to your needs. Veda’s flexibility provides the opportunity to set your own agenda, explore your own ideas, ask questions and get immediate feedback.

Taking things step by step we ease your stress, take away the guesswork and make the process manageable. To ensure nothing gets overlooked we provide a structured plan to direct your future actions.

Is this training for me?

Whatever your level of experience, we can accommodate your workshop development needs. This training is suitable for anyone:

  • Needing support to plan and design a workshop, series of workshops or short course
  • Wanting help to develop engaging content, materials and resources
  • Wishing to give an existing workshop a makeover, gain fresh and creative ideas
  • Looking to enhance their skills for delivery, facilitation and managing group dynamics
  • Wanting to accurately cost their workshop and maximise profits

How does it work?

Veda offers either a full day of training or the opportunity of a tailored made support package.  There is also the option to book an appointment accessing support as and when you need it.

Our one-day training package includes:

  • Full day 1 to 1 individualised support from 9:30am to 4:30pm; date and place to suit
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Post workshop summary and structured action plan.
  • Follow-up call to review progress and answer further questions

Alternatively, if you are planning a short course or series of workshops, we offer a tailored support package, providing sessional support and guidance over a period of time.

This package includes:

  • Preliminary needs analysis to inform pre-agreed objectives and type of support required.
  • Structured action plan
  • Sessional support
  • Post session summary and follow up-call to review progress between sessions
  • Evaluation and review of outcomes following the delivery of your first workshop

For those needing guidance on a specific aspect of workshop design or delivery, appointments can be booked. Giving you the flexibility to access our expert advice at a time when you need it most.

What people say about Veda workshop training and development

“The workshop on workshops was excellent and I came away brimming with ideas and enthusiasm”

“I’m working on a 6-week parenting programme – Cheryl helped me think through the detail. She’s very knowledgeable and gave lots of useful advice, with suggestions for creative activities that would complement my content. She helped me determine what to do and explained why I needed to do certain things. This helped me understand the experience from the perspective of my clients. I liked the structured action plan, it made each task manageable and the whole process less daunting.” 

How can I arrange this support?

The process starts with a free consultation which includes a preliminary needs analysis to determine the type of support you require. From this we can agree your overall objectives and establish the best option of support for you.  One agreed, we can set a date and begin the process of developing your workshop.

We are flexible in relation to dates, times and place of meetings to fit your schedule and circumstances. There is full transparency of costs, at the time of booking.

What areas does Veda cover?

Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Hereford, Worcester, Bristol, Birmingham, Swindon and Oxford.

Contact us now to discuss how Veda can help you create an enjoyable and exceptional workshop experience that brings benefits you and your business as well as your clients.

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